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Kit Specifications...
Span: 46"
Wing Area: 360 Sq. In.
Weight: 27 oz.
Flight Time: 7-9 min.

Motor: Speed 400, 7.2V
Gear Ratio: 2.33:1
Prop: 9"x5"
Battery Pack: 10 cell, SR 500 Max
Radio: 3 channel


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The Cutie...
Unfortunately, the Cutie kit is currently out of stock. If you would like to be put on a waiting list so that you'll be notified when we plan the next limited production run of the kit, please send us an email at  .
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Sure the Cutie will do some basic aerobatics, but that isn't the point of the Cutie. It was designed so you could taxi out, start a takeoff roll, lift the tail, and do a smooth climb out. Play with the breeze and the clouds, do touch and goes, and nice smooth landings. Help someone to learn how to fly or just sit back and watch the silhouette of the Cutie against the sky. This is what flying used to be all about.

If you're an old time flier, you'll love the Cutie. If you've never built a model airplane before, the Cutie is for you. Besides the computerized design, CAD engineering and MicroLaser cut parts that make the Cutie practically fall together, the Cutie comes with a 104 page instruction manual that not only covers the Cutie's construction, but also its covering, power system installation, radio system installation, and flying. 

"I just had to write to say what a joy this kit is to build and fly. The quality of the kit is SUPERB, and COMPLETE. The instruction manual is very well written. There are little "notes" included that show Larry has made a mistake or two in his building career, but has learned well and is willing to pass his knowledge on to us. Don't let the 104 page manual scare you; I followed EACH step carefully and completed the plane in 26 hours, including covering and radio installation, ready to fly! They sure came through with a great kit again. The first flight was a true joy. I couldn't resist and started to put it through the basic maneuvers including loops, barrel rolls left and right, wing overs, spins and finally short, level inverted flight. The next 5 flights were as pleasant as the first, and the aircraft required NO trim adjustments, truly a great flyer right of the bench. I flew again tonight and put it through all those basic maneuvers and then, I shot touch and goes, and that on a grass field. New flyers or old timers can enjoy the very pleasant flight characteristics of this great plane. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10 plus 4 stars. Flight times were between 7 and 9 minutes, depending on the wind speed." John "Jay" Hudak

If you'd like to take a look at the instruction manual, click on this link for a PDF file of the first 28 pages of the Cutie's 104 page instruction manual. Cutie Instruction Manual 1500K file

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The Cutie kit includes:
All laser cut balsa and plywood parts, custom Dave Brown wheels, Dubro tail wheel and tail wheel bracket, control horns, clevises, threaded couplers, and wheel collars, Sig wheel retainers,  fiberglass tape, SR composite spars, gapless hinge tape, "Z" bend pushrods, computer cut graphics, gear straps, numerous building jigs and fixtures,  socket head screws, etc., etc., etc.. 

In addition to the Cutie kit itself, what will you need to get flying?

  • Power System
  • Charger
  • Radio System
  • Covering Material
  • Basic Building Tools


Building Tools and Materials...

Ultracote Covering Material, $15.95 per roll
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You can't go wrong with Ultracote. It's easy to work with and looks great. It will only take one roll to cover your Cutie. We stock all of the popular colors. Black & White 1" checkerboard Ultracote is $25.95 a roll.




5/64 Ball Driver, $6.95
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A 5/64 Allen Wrench will work fine with the socket head screws, but a Ball Driver makes it soooo much easier!



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