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Kit Specifications...
Span: 36"
Wing Area: 260 Sq. In.
Weight: 24 oz.
Flight Time: 7-9 min.

Motor: Speed 400, 7.2V
Gear Ratio: 2.33:1
Prop: 9"x5"
Battery Pack: 10 cell, SR 500 Max
Radio: 4 channel


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MicroLaser cut interlocking parts. Special jigs and fixtures are provided for perfect alignment of the components.

All critical components (motor mount, firewall, battery support plate, and servo mounting plate) are keyed into the fuselage doubler system for perfect alignment.

Composite leading edge and main spar serve as a wing building jig. Support blocks and clamping screws are included.

Jig built wing is straight, true. Composite spars are strong yet light.

Rib spacing jig eliminates measurements and guess work. Every rib is automatically aligned perfectly.

Scarf joined trailing edge, MicroLaser cut aileron servo mount and recessed main landing gear are just a few of the examples of our attention to detail.

Again, attention to detail. The cutout for the arming switch is already MicroLaser cut into the doubler and fuselage side for you.

Only MicroLaser cutting can give you this kind of fuselage to wing joint. It's perfect!

A 9" hatch gives you easy access to the motor's battery pack for charging without having to remove the wing.

Only the best hardware, that you would choose yourself at your local Hobby Shop, is included in the X250 kit.

Not satisfied with ordinary wheels, we asked Dave Brown to make custom wheels for the X250 and we include them in the kit.

We even include computer cut wing graphics in the kit to make sure your X250 will be an aircraft you'll be proud to fly..

You can't ask for more room than this. Everything is easily accessible with the hatch removed.

Aren't you tired of your screwdriver slipping and putting a hole in your airplane? The X250 kit includes socket head screws for the landing gear and hatch hold downs!


Unfortunately, the X250 kit is currently out of stock. If you would like to be put on a waiting list so that you'll be notified when we plan the next limited production run of the kit, please send us an email at  .

We could go on and on about how wonderful the X250 is, but why don't we let the R/C magazines and our customers tell you what they think. When you've finished reading the reviews below, you'll find a link to the X250's 52 page instruction manual and details as to what is and isn't included in the kit.

Model Airplane News Magazine kit review by Dave Baron, December, 2000...  This is an awesome airplane; it outperforms every other sport Speed 400 plane that I have. It takes off from grass well, is playful and responsive, and has great duration... Aerobatics... This is what separates the X250 from other Speed 400 models. It truly can be played with. Low inverted; no-problem; snap-rolls, inside and outside spins; have a blast... The precision of this kit is amazing. The instructions are of impeccable quality: clearly written and precise. To sum up, I found the X250 to be the most relaxing model I ever built.

Sailplane & Electric Modeler Magazine kit review by Greg Gimlick, September, 2000...  Possibly the best kit design this author has seen, the X250 is capable of Cuban 8s, split Ss and inverted flight... I can fly it in a schoolyard and do all the aerobatics Im capable of...Quick-building, unique wing construction, excellent plans & instructions. Complete plug & play power system available from SR Batteries. Most manufacturers could take a lesson from SR Batteries on how to prepare an instruction manual. Every construction step has a photo to show exactly what happens... SR Batteries, the company, has shown that it is more than a battery supplier. The rest of the industry should look out or theyll be left behind in kit design.

R/C Modeler Magazine kit review by Steve Ciambrone, July, 2000...  If you are looking for a small aerobatic electric model with good duration, the X250 fits the bill. A novice builder should find the X250 a joy to build. An intermediate pilot should be able to fly the X250 with confidence. A newcomer to electric airplanes may want to take advantage of the package deals that SR has available for the X250 kit.

Flying Models Magazine kit review by Don Belfort, August, 2000...  The X250 is a quick build. Expect to spend about three evenings building it before its ready to cover... One of the most challenging, current frontiers of e-power flight is duration, and the X250 easily excels in that category, with 8-9 minute flights... A short takeoff run of 10 feet, and the X250 leaped skyward.... Loops, rolls, and spins were easy for the X250 on its first time up.... The X250 is easy to fly and never gets ahead of the pilot... Takeoffs and touch-n-goes from short grass or pavement were no problem, which really adds to the fun over a hand-launch aircraft.

R/C Excellence Magazine kit review by Bob Smith, March/April, 2000...  I spend more time building the typical ARF than I did the X250... Rather than just selling me a kit, SR has taken the time to identify exactly which components should be used for optimum performance from the X250... I also appreciated the fact that they designed the X250 to use a $36 motor/gearbox rather than one of the higher priced combinations.

"I wanted also to share with you my flying experience today (and you may quote me): This is my first low wing. I have a glow high wing trainer and a few electric 3 channels including a jet. I bought it to do aerobatics in the field behind my father's house. His grass is 4" thick so I have to hand launch it. After I finally got my controls set right (my fault, not yours!) I tossed the plane up and let loose. I really couldn't believe how well it flew. Very stable even in a 5-10 mph breeze. Steep climb, full aerobatics except for straight vertical, and despite leaving it on near full throttle for the duration, 5:30-7" flights. My glow buddy was impressed. Late the same evening I took the plane back out and had a full battle with about 4 swallows that were out for blood. I was clearly outclassed but I think I gave them a good run for their money! I can't recommend this plane more." DPW

  Ezone X250 kit review

  EFO's Ampeer X250 kit review

Building the X250...

The X250 builds in 3 evenings, ready for covering. If you'd like to take a look at the instruction manual, click on this link for a PDF file of the first 17 pages of the X250's 52 page instruction manual. X250 Instruction Manual

The X250 kit includes:
All laser cut balsa and plywood parts, custom Dave Brown wheels, Dubro control horns, clevises, threaded couplers, and wheel collars, Sig wheel retainers,  fiberglass tape, SR composite spars, gapless hinge tape, "Z" bend pushrods, computer cut graphics, gear straps, numerous building jigs and fixtures,  socket head screws, etc., etc., etc.. 

In addition to the X250 kit itself, what will you need to get flying?

  • Power System
  • Charger
  • Radio System
  • Covering Material
  • Basic Building Tools


Building Tools and Materials...

Ultracote Lite Covering Material, $15.95 per roll
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You can't go wrong with Ultracote. It's easy to work with and looks great. It will only take one roll to cover your X250. We stock the "Lite" version of Ultracote in transparent red, transparent yellow, and transparent violet.



5/64 Ball Driver, $6.953x3.gif (810 bytes)

A 5/64 Allen Wrench will work fine with the socket head screws, but a Ball Driver makes it soooo much easier!



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