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X70's "pusher" system protects the prop and motor!
Micro 4 motor
Neat motor installation and wiring
All components are easily serviced
MicroLaser cut jigs and fixtures make building a snap
Boom locations are premarked on wing for easy assembly
Easy assmbly and alignment
X70 all set for motor installation
X70 Micro Electric Sailplane...


Unfortunately, the X70 kit is currently out of stock. If you would like to be put on a waiting list so that you'll be notified when we plan the next limited production run of the kit, please send us an email at  .

The new SR X70 micro electric sailplane is a simple aircraft to build and fly. It can be built as either a hand toss sailplane or you can add electric power. It can even be built to include sub-micro R/C systems. It's the perfect choice for your first electric indoor/outdoor aircraft!

In spite of the X70’s advanced looks, it is a very easy aircraft to build. All you’ll need are some simple modeling tools and a power system.

The X70 has a span of 26" and a wing area of 70 square inches. It weighs about 1/2 ounce without an electric power system and about 1.3 ounces ready to go with motor, battery pack and charging system in place. That means that an electric powered version of the X70 has a wing loading of about 2.6 ounces per square foot!

The X70 is the first of SR's MicroLaser™ cut kits and it only takes about an hour to get one flying. Careful engineering and MicroLaser™ cut jigs and fixtures assure you a perfect fit and fast building.The balsa is triple sorted and selected and the kit even includes a six page instruction manual.

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